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The Caravan ‘Opening Borders’ makes its stop in Seville with Palestine as the protagonist

Arrival of the caravan breaking borders 2019 to Seville
  • The Caravan Opening Borders arrives in the Andalusian capital on its tour of southern Spain to make visible the struggle for human rights.
  • “Breaking down walls, building bridges” is the motto with which these almost 300 volunteers from all over the world travel through towns such as Motril, Tarifa, Melilla or Lepe.

Arrival of the caravan breaking borders 2019 to Seville

The 47º C that marked the thermometers of the Andalusian capital has not served as an impediment for the Caravan Opening Borders to make its stop in Seville this Friday. Its objective is to make solidarity visible towards migrants and refugees.

The Caravan Opening Borders is a network of volunteers from various associations that were born in 2016 and travels through different countries ensuring the rights of displaced people. Among its activities are informative talks, round tables or the organization of fleets with humanitarian aid to places like Palestine. His latest tour, Frontera Sur 2019, is touring some cities in southern Spain and northern Morocco such as Tarifa, Granada or Ceuta, respectively, as a gateway for migrants.

This Friday the city that has hosted the Caravan has been Seville. At 12.00 and with a warmth of this city, a total of five buses have parked next to the Isabel II Bridge, popularly known as the Triana Bridge. From them, the almost 300 volunteers who are part of this project in which there is a clear majority of women have begun to leave. They are people who come from different parts of the World- “It is the most international caravan we have ever had,” say some. They are between 20 and 60 years old and many of them carry flags of Palestine, the main protagonist of the actin Seville. Others carry banners with phrases denouncing immigration policies.

Following the words of some of its spokesmen with those who have compared the border walls of the countries with “bleeding wounds” and with those who have denounced “the absolute blockade suffered by Palestine since 1948 and continues to cause daily deaths” They wanted to call the solidarity of the rest of the citizens: “It is necessary to remove consciences, shake them, we cannot be oblivious to the suffering of others, we must fight for a better world in which people matter and not economic interests.”

At their stop in Seville they have staged the breaking of borders on the Guadalquivir River

Breaking River Borders

Many of them call for the immediate closure of the Foreigners’ Internment Centers, the well-known CIES, as well as the unlocking of the policies of the State of Israel, especially when ships with humanitarian aid try to reach Gaza. For this reason, they wanted to organize a show on the Guadalquivir River under the slogan “let’s break down walls, build bridges.” In their performance, they have simulated the breaking of a border formed by a line of canoes linked together. The ship with which they have crossed this particular wall was full of posters that claimed human rights. From the top of the bridge, you could see several banners that read phrases like “no borders” or “no walls”

To the exhibition have been added music, dances, songs for freedom and many, many applause. With this, the Caravan Opening Borders tries to give visibility to its project to “build sensitized and active citizenship with refugees and migrants”, as it says on its website.

Cristina García de Andoín, one of the journalists who travels with them, tells that they have passed through many places but one of the ones that most caught her attention was the reception in the Ceuta neighborhood of El Príncipe, because they were waiting for them with food, parties and round tables with experiences: “Ceuta is very special. Young migrants cannot walk freely in many areas of the city because they are persecuted but with the Caravan, they felt safe and supported”, something that stands out as one of the most beautiful experiences that they have lived during the tour they are doing in southern Spain and this Saturday ends in Lepe.

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