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Five “Obama scandals” that seem ridiculous in the Trump era

Obama scandals
  • The US has become so accustomed to the scandals of Donald Trump that some great Obama controversies now seem anecdotes
  • Obama received raging attacks for bumping fists with his wife, ordering Dijon mustard with the hamburger or taking a photo with a selfie stick

Obama scandals

United States policy is full of decisions that are subject to international criticism. But beyond its large measures of geopolitical or economic or human rights, presidencies are also marked by personal controversies that define the character in a country where leadership has a lot of charisma.

When Trump says he wants to put a pit with crocodiles and shoot immigrants on the border with Mexico, many voices rise up shocked, but drop by dropping their eccentricities are normalized. Besides Trump’s controversies, some of Barack Obama’s personal “scandals” seem ridiculous. Here, some picturesque examples.

That time he made a “terrorist greeting” with his wife

Before even being a candidate, Barack Obama already showed his sinister intentions, in Republican eyes. At a rally in Minnesota, he even greeted his wife not with a kiss on the cheek or a handshake, but with a clash of fists. Fists! A few days later, a FOX News presenter wondered on her show: “A clash of fists? A greeting? A clash of terrorist fists?” ED Hill never got to explain why bumping fist is a terrorist thing, but he did apologize. It was not worth much: the program was taken away that same week.

When he used a helmet to ride a bicycle

There are not many people who know that the 2014 war in Ukraine, for their adversaries, seemed to be Obama’s fault. The Russian invasion came a month after he committed the irresponsibility of putting on a helmet to ride a mountain bike. According to the theory of Bill O’Reilly, today fired for chaining sexual harassment with another, it was impossible for Putin to respect the US when Russian President took pictures riding on bareback and the American … put on a helmet to ride cycling! He practically went around asking Russia to invade a country, in his opinion.

When he put on a light suit

Provoke a Russian invasion, come in, but this … In August 2014, Obama left the press room of the White House wearing a coffee-colored milk suit. It wasn’t blue, nor black, it was beige. “Intolerable”. One of the star reactions on television was the one who said that with his choice of suit “he confirmed that he was a Marxist”, but there is an excellent trail of barbarities. The FOX News presenter who said Obama “looked like a circus tamer for lack of the top hat” also scores very high for his creativity.

When he ordered Dijon mustard on his hamburger

In the US, French fries are called “French potatoes”, except for a small period just before the Iraq War in which the House of Representatives decided that in their cafeteria they would be called “freedom potatoes”, to punish the wicked French who opposed the Bush invasion. That’s why one wonders what Obama thought when, on September 2009, he went to do something as American as eating a hamburger and had no other occurrence than to ask for it only with mustard … from Dijon. Not only did he not put ketchup on him, but he chose a French seasoning. They called him elitist.

When it was recorded with a selfie stick
We all thought that nobody could do anything more terrible than wearing a helmet, wearing a light suit or eating mustard, but in 2015 Obama recorded a video with a selfie stick in the White House. And meanwhile, he put weird faces in a mirror. The video was intended to convince young people to get medical insurance, but that did not soften the critics: “non-presidential,” “little presidential,” “lowers the presidency” …

A huge concern for the institution of the presidency that, four years later, has disappeared. Apparently, it is phenomenal for the presidential institution that Trump threatens his political rivals with jail or asks for a foreign country to influence elections in the United States.

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